Best Gift Ideas for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Are you looking for the best gift ideas for bicycle enthusiasts? Do you have someone on your gift list that loves to ride their bicycle? Whether they spend hours out riding around the neighborhood or on the trails, a cyclist can always use new gadgets or gear to fuel their cycling addiction.

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However, if you aren’t familiar with cycling, then a gift for someone that cycling can be quite the challenge. Many cyclists tend to have a ton of upfront costs especially if they are a newbie. Even seasoned cyclists typically spend several hundred dollars every year. Whether they spend money on bicycle maintenance, damage to their bike, new equipment, or gadgets.

Buy a Gift Card to their Favorite Bicycle Shop

Bicycles are similar to maintaining a car and need frequent maintenance. Buying a gift card to their favorite bicycle shop is a great gift idea because the cyclist enthusiast can use the extra cash to put towards their bike needs. There is always routine maintenance, new gear or equipment to purchase, or fixing any damage.

As you can see, the cost of maintaining a bicycle can easily add up and many enthusiasts typically spend hundreds of dollars every year. Even though gift cards are often thought of as an unthoughtful gift, trust us you can’t go wrong giving them a gift card.

Bicycle Gloves

Bicycle gloves tend to get stinky when they are worn for long periods of time. Even if your favorite rider has already purchased a new pair, buying them another pair of bicycle gloves. We promise they won’t get lost in the bottom of their gear bag.

Instead, having multiple pairs of gloves allow for rotation. Gloves are designed to help protect the cyclist’s hands while riding or in the event of a fall. The gloves also help provide cushioning. During the wintertime months, full finger gloves keep their fingers during their bicycle ride.

Safety Lights

Safety lights are a must if the recipient enjoys riding their bicycle at dusk or after dark. Having a safety light mounted or a headlamp can make it easier for motorists and other cyclists to see you.

Plus, having a front strobe light also lights your path so that you don’t hit debris in the roadway or trail too. We recommend this easy to install, rechargeable superbright bicycle safety light.

Portable Cycling Repair Toolkit

Whether they ride on the open road or hit their favorite trail, you never know when you an emergency repair kit would come in handy. A portable cycling repair toolkit has everything that you might need to make emergency repairs while out riding. It never fails to have a back-up kit on hand too.

Mini Bike Pump and Tire Repair Kit

Just like the tires on your car, the tube in a bicycle tire is not invincible and being without the proper tools to fix it. A flat tire could leave them stranded or walking the bicycle back home. We recommend this bike repair bag with an air pump because it comes with all of the tools that is needed to deal with a flat tire.

Wireless Speaker and Power Bank

Using headphones to listen to music while bike riding is very dangerous. If they have the music cranked up in both ears, it can cause them to be unable to hear things going on around them.

A wireless speaker system is a better option as it allows them to listen to music without blocking their ability to pay attention to their surroundings. Plus, this wireless speaker includes a power bank to charge a wireless device too.


Have you ever wanted to know how fast you are going when you ride your bike? Having a speedometer for a bicycle would be a cool gadget to give the bicycle enthusiast. Plus it will allow them to determine how fast and how far they are riding. It would even be a great stocking stuffer too.

Bike Trainer Stand

We all know that it never fails to rain when there is a need to train for the next race. An indoor bike trainer stand would allow for speed training. A bike stand would allow for indoor workouts when it is way too hot outside or for use on a rainy day.

Whether a bicycle enthusiast is a beginner or has logged a ton of hours having access to an indoor bike trainer in your home can be used for training or when the weather conditions cooperate. Plus, it can help them meet their fitness goals or take it to a new level.

Don’t worry the bike training stand that we recommended is quite and it won’t disturb others around you. We suggest this fluid bike training stand. It doesn’t even require you to purchase a special bike to use it.

Whether your favorite cyclist is a newbie or an experienced rider, we hope that our gift guide helps you pick the perfect gift ideas for bicycle enthusiasts. Cycling has a ton of upfront costs and finding them gifts that are useful will make them happy.

Do you have any gift ideas for bicycle enthusiasts?

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